Unable to create reference to multiple tables

Hi -

I am creating an app to maintain a Library of Books by supporting Borrow/Renew functionality. I have 2 tables/sheets : one for Members and other for Library Books.

I have created a “Form” table that has column referencing Member database. For the member to Borrow a Book, i am trying to create another column with reference to “List of Library Books” table. Unfortunately i am not allowed to create a reference to the “List of Library books”

I can retrieve a list from “List of Library Books” but i am not sure how it can be turned as a ref to allow user to select it.

Why not? Is there some error?

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Its giving an error for some reason.
So i have 2 tables : Members and Books
in another table (which i am using for UX) :

  1. I have created a column that references Members, using which a user can select a member.

  2. I am trying to create a Virtual column that references Books, so that user can select the book he can Borrow.

2nd one is failing or i can’t create a reference there

Virtual columns are not editable by users, so you’d need to add a real column for the 2nd Ref.

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Yup. I tried that too. But i throws up error

Alright. Found the issue. Referenced Key was not a Key. Thanks

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