Unable to create working url to access an app created PDF that has been created on google drive

I am struggling to create an externally usable URL so that my user can open a PDF file that my app has created and stored on my google drive.

I’ve followed all the usual encoding tips and the resulting url looks ok, but clicking the URL just results in an error (see below for error text).

I’ve also tried replacing the spaces and forward slashes in the directory name with %20 and %2F but that made no difference either.

I have turned off the app security settings as described in the various tips too.

I can open the PDF that the app has created if I navigate to the folder in my google drive but I just don’t seem to be able to automatically create a usable url within the app.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

p.s. the ******* have just been manually hidden. The actual error gives the full ID.

Error text:

‘/Aprop Animal Detail Reports/Millie.PDF’ not found

Probable Cause of Error: Failed: Path: ‘Aprop Animal Detail Reports’, Message: ‘Searching for ‘Aprop Animal Detail Reports’, File entry not found’.

Path: RetrieveFile


  * Path: DocId=1yh4Ma2r9P0aKlHpV-cEGH3X99xJgpcfVqp4r*******:/Aprop Animal Detail Reports/Millie.PDF

  Result: FAILURE

      * Path: DocId=1yh4Ma2r9P0aKlHpV-cEGH3X99xJgpcfVqp4r*******

    Result: Success

        * Path: /Aprop Animal Detail Reports/Millie.PDF

       Result: FAILURE

            * Path: \Aprop Animal Detail Reports

            Result: FAILURE

                * Path: Millie.PDF

               Result: FAILURE

               Message: Searching for 'Millie.PDF', File entry not found

Are you looking for tips in the below post by @rich


Thanks Survrutt - I haven’t actually seen that one until now. I’ll have a look tomorrow and see if I can implement what it is suggesting :

Sadly that didn’t make any difference - same error :frowning: