Unable to customise my app

Good day

I cant access the app customisation/ edit mode of my app anymore. i dont know what could be the issue.

Please assist

May I ask what is the error/warning message you are seeing?

Right now i cant see my apps completely. I get the “create a new app” pop up message.

I tried to logout and login again, same story…

What is your account ID number?


It seems that you have for some reason created two accounts with the same email address. This 1136370 is created 11/5/2019 and it doesn’t have any apps. Please delete this account (without any apps) and then try to logout & login again.

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Please check also this post few days ago…

I deleted acc 1136370 as advised and this is the message um getting


If i logout and login again, it creates a new account (1137747) instead of login in to account 1130742 which appears to be the custodian of my apps.

Okay thanks. I will assign this to our developers for debugging.

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Thank you very much @Aleksi

Hi @Tumelo_Lebotse, when did you create your original account (ID 1130742)? If you created this account around 6 or 7 days ago, it might have been affected by the bug that Aleksi mentioned. If this is indeed the case, please let us know so that we can migrate your apps from the affected account to your new Microsoft account (ID 1137747).

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Hi @Harry, Yes i created the account last week Thursday - 7 day ago now. Please migrate my apps to my new account. Sorry for late reply.


Hi @Harry
Please dont forget to assist as per our previous communication.

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@Tumelo_Lebotse Hi, the transfer has been completed. Please log into your new account via Microsoft to verify that all of your apps are now in the new account.

Thanx i can see the apps now. This is what i get now

@Tumelo_Lebotse To fix this error, you can pick the data sources of the tables in the app again. To do this, open the app’s tables, expand the Storage section, click on the Source Path drop-down, select “browse for more data”, and then pick the spreadsheets from your Microsoft account.

Thank you very much, everything works perfectly fine now.