Unable to download .rar files but you can download .zip files

Hi all,

So, AppSheet supports uploading .rar and .zip files, at the moment to download, I am only able to download the .zip files.

but with the .rar files, when I click the button to start the downloading, I get this mess:

We had similar issue with csv file being exported from Appsheet, but it was Char Code problem. I suspect similar root cause. Better to investigate and check file Chara code.
For instance, to try to open the file from different application rather thna default apps.


But I want to download the file, not open it. And that’s the issue with the .rar files, the .zip files I click the icon and download perfectly…
The issue is with all the users. :confused:

I m not familiar with rar file I never used before: sorry no more help from my end.

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Thanks @tsuji_koichi I will send this to the support email, I will update my post once I get answer from them.