Unable to find column 'ColumnName'


I’m new to this platform and I have no single background at all on developing apps,website,etc.
On this app I wanted to make, I’m trying to filiter out a view so only a certain type of users can see a certain tab of the app that contains confidential infos.

I tried going to the UX>Views>Primary Views>(Confedential View)>Display
and under the “Show if” tab I wrote:

assuming that this would make the view visible only to user account type that doesn’t have restrictions.
however, upon entering the [ColumnName], I get this error telling me that Appsheet is Unable to find column ‘USERTYPE’

Why is that so?

The Show If expression of a view is not aware of the row or rows displayed within the view, so you have to find some other way to get the information you need. You haven’t provided enough information for me to offer further guidance.