Unable to find column '_THIS' (Action Button)

Hi! I have a column named “Current Balance” which has a type Price and another column named “Net Amount Since” which is a computed value, also with a type Price.

I am trying to add the value of Net Amount Since to Current Balance using an action button. I chose “Data: set the values of some columns in this row” for the ‘Do this’ option. I chose Current Price and the formula as [_THIS]+[Net Amount Since].

The formula is valid based on the expression assistant. However, after saving the change, I receive an error Data action ‘Update Current Account’ uses an invalid new column value expression ‘=[_THIS]+[Net Amount Since]’. Unable to find column ‘_THIS’, did you mean…?

Hoping for some assistance. Thanks!

Hi @dennis316chan! Welcome to AppSheet!!!

The keyword [_THIS] will only have meaning within the column definition expressions. Actions are row-based (mostly) and have no specific column context. [_THIS] is not available within the scope of an action.

Simply replace [_THIS] with the column name you intended for that calculation and you’ll be good.