Unable to find 'Row ID' in dropdown to set value while trying to use an action


When using action ‘Add new row to another table using values from this row’, I am unable to find certain columns in the dropdown to set values.

Row ID not visible in the dropdown selection.

Row ID only has a initial value expression. Why cannot I see it in dropdown list?

Because you have that column set as your Key, and key values are not editable except when a record is first created.


Thanks for reply.
I initially thought the same too since Row ID is a Key.
But I can see the Key column in other tables… See below…

Does the Row ID column of the Customer Details table have a non-blank Spreadsheet formula setting?

There is no Spreadsheet formula for Row ID.

I face similar issue with two other tables -

Just to confirm, did you scroll down through the list of available columns?


@Steve I did that. Cannot find any column by name Row ID
here is the complete list…

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Looks odd to me, then. Probably best to engage Support for a deeper investigation.


Will send a mail to support. Thanks for help Steve

I experience the same behaviour and … it is reproducible!

So - No matter if Row ID is key or not, it will never display in the dropdown.

Please contact Support for help with this.

Just an idea. I didn’t face the exact same problem as yours creating an action, but I remember having a column missing from a view and couldn’t find it no matter what I did.

A “Regenerate Structure” solved the issue. May be you should try it.

Also, for other non-related weired issues, especially after a save, reloading the browser’s page helps.


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