Unable to get a blank field for an initial value

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to use the expression below to get a blank initial value in my field name “Shoes” if another field Weight Collected is not 0 or if it has a value but unfortunately “Shoes” continues to default to 0. Is the expression seems to be pretty straight forward but not sure why its not responding with a blank field when I input a value in Weight Collected.

If(OR([Weight Collected]=0,ISBLANK([Weight Collected])),0," ")

Please try

IF([Weight Collected]>0,NUMBER(" "), 0)

This expression assumes that [Weight Collected] and [Shoes] are NUMBER columns.

Edit: Minor changes in description.


Thanks Suvrutt, looks like I’m still getting the “0” vs. a blank field. Client wants to require the user to input something vs. the system defaulting to a 0. When an initial value is not set for a numerical field, the system displays a grey “0” indicating the field requires an entry in a sense but it seems when a formula is used in initial value the system cannot revert back to the grey 0. See “Trash” field down below.

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Yes, you are correct @Daisy_Ramirez

The greyed out “0” seems to be there to indicate that it is a numeric field , not to be mistaken by the user for a text field- of course my guess.

I am afraid, I am not aware of any other way to show a blank there. There could be some other trick that I am unaware of. I will revert if something strikes in this direction.

Instead of NUMBER(" “), use NUMBER(”")

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That is @Aleksi expertize.

Aha!! That was it! No space in the NUMBER(""). A million thanks to you both!