Unable to hide Add button for child

I have a use case similar to How can I prevent additional rows being added

The parent table is called Surveys and the child table is Readings. In the Surveys table, I need to

  • prevent new child rows being created and
  • ALL child Rows to be locked for Edit

when column Last in any row in Readings is set to TRUE.

I am able to hide the Edit button (overlay pencil icon) in the Surveys table using

NOT(IN(TRUE, [Related Readings][Last]))

but when I try to hide the Add button in the inline view of the Surveys detail view and the + action button in the Readings inline table view using this:

NOT(IN(TRUE, SELECT(Readings[Last], [SurveyID]=[_THISROW].[SurveyID])))

it doesn’t hide the Add.

What am I missing? Is this a bug? Anybody else seeing this?


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I had the same issue a while ago, and the only way i found to manage the add button is by using slices and ref_rows() linked to the slices, if you go that route you can handle the edit permissions as well.


This expressions assumes that it is being evaluated in the context of some record, which has a [SurveyID] column. This assumption is incorrect, there is no record context here.

Rafael’s suggestion of managing the permissions via slice is typically the best way to go.