Unable to launch appsheet from spreadsheet

Hi, I just installed the addon. first time around the Addons->appsheet menu only showed ‘help’. Uninstalled the addon and upon the second installation attempt it’s now showing all the menu items but if I choose ‘Launch’ the popup windows opens with a greyed-out Go button and nowhere to go…

Hi @A_F Have you checked out

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I have the same problem. Just installed the add-on and trying to use but the GO button is grayed out. Can anyone help please?
Thank you

HI @Ewa
Do you have bold headers and a row or two of data in your spreadsheet?

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Thx a lot for your reply and Happy New Year! Yes, I do have it bold and some data is also there. Is the issue maybe because it is the Summary page with formulas only? Please have a look. Cheers from Australia :slight_smile:

Can anyone help please? Thank you :slight_smile:

I have never used the add on personally. Maybe try logging in directly to appsheet with your google account and selecting ‘new app’. From there you’re given the option to use a spreadsheet you already have as the data for the app.


will try, thank you