Unable to regenerate structure - SQL view saved on MySQL server


I added a column into the SQL view Opportunities that is saved on MySQL server and following with ‘Regenerate structure’ in the Appsheet but I am getting this error message.

Can you, please advise what to do? Removing any column in the view is not a way.

As the alternative to updating the SQL view, I converted it into the table saved on the same server but the outcome was this error message.


Do you have an app table named [app].[VW_Opportunities]?

Hi Steve, the issue is with the table named [Opportunities] - its sources is [app].[VW_Opportunities]. We doubleckeched the view in the database and it works.

Table names in the app may not have square brackets ([ and ]) in their names.

I edited the answer while you answered, sorry about that. The table name is Opportunities without brackets and its sources is [app].[VW_Opportunities].

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I’m afraid I don’t have enough database experience to offer any further guidance. Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.