Unable to save a PDF onto the associated box account

Hello, I am trying to “Attach and Archive” a file in an Email Workflow. Also, as a tester, I would like to save the same PDF doc with a separate name into the box account again (this is present as another action in the same workflow). I observe the emails being triggered, but I see the files are not getting stored in the Box in both the cases. I would like the files to get stored in the App’s “default app folder” (same as in Info > app Properties) which currently points to a folder on the Box where the app’s contents are stored. Hence, the file folder path is not explicitly defined.

I observe the following message in the app logs that show the tester action to fail:
“could not be written due to Invalid table provider name”. Could you let me know the possible reason for such a message so that I can troubleshoot it better at my end?

Thanking you,

Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.