Unable to send SMS

I’m trying to trigger an SMS using the _AppSheet_default_SMS channel if the value of a cell changes.

Am i missing a step here somewhere? Nothing happens when I manually updated that cell.

I test the bot and I assume I need to hit execute to test it, I get a Success notification in the browser but no text on my phone.

Is the app deployed? SMS will only be sent in a deployed app.


That was it! Thank you for your suggestion.


Is there limit to the number of SMS messages I can send via the _Appsheet_Default_SMS channel?

I’ve tested maybe 20 texts so far and something happened where its not even sending Test Messages anymore. Trying to troubleshoot thinking I might have hit some hard limit or amount of sms message per hour rate or something?

I am not aware of any limitations on AppSheet side but things could have changed. Below are a couple of articles that might help

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So I got most everything working.

My only issue now is now that the messages are not being consistently sent/recevied.

  1. I’ve got a ImportXML formula on my spreadsheet that updates regularly via Appscript.
  2. I’ve got a Virtual Column that concatenates that information with other cells.
  3. I have only 4 rows of data so far in my spreadsheet which will likely grow to 100+ rows.

The issue now is that when spreadsheet formula refreshes and updates the cell values (I refresh the app to pull in the data) the SMS is inconsistent, sometimes the SMS is sent for the first row only and the other 3 are ignore.

The Formual I’m using as a condition is this. I’ve tried both of these formulas, the first one doesn’t work. I’ll see the update on the spreadsheet, Appsheet sees the update after sync, but no test is sent.

  1. IF([PickupDone] = “NO”, [_THISROW_BEFORE].[Aflt_Status1] <> [_THISROW_AFTER].[Aflt_Status1], “”)

This formula work, but it works at every sync, meaning if the Cell value is “Departed” and I refresh the formula on the spreadsheet, even though the cell value is still Departed, SMS is still being sent.

  1. IF([PickupDone] = “NO”, OR(([Aflt_Status1]=“Arrived”),([Aflt_Status1]=“Departed”),([Aflt_Status1]=“Scheduled”)),"")

The only way I’ve been able to consistently receive an SMS is that if I manually refresh each row. Then the SMS works without issues, but if I refresh the entire column via script, it doesn’t work,

I’ve also created an Action to refresh the cell value in Appsheet which refreshes the formula, which works and send sthe SMS, but the SMS is always sent no matter the value in Aflt_Status1. (i’m using the #2 formula as #1 formula doesn’t work)

I hope i explained this well. I would appreciate any assistance in this matter.