Unable to update records

Hi, I am working on Appsheet together with Google Forms. I am stuck with the inability to update subsequent records other than the 1st record. (1st record can be updated with no problem)

Scenario: I have two tables:
one is called HxPE which is the information table of each patient that contains their review of systems and family history

the other table is the Patient Input table, the records are being generated by the google forms as a patient enters their responses.

Originally, the idea is to make changes in the HxPE table as soon as the Patient Input table is added with or updated with records but I am having a difficulty in references so what I did was to just place a button in the HxPE form when a patient response is detected.

They all worked fine, the testing of the first record is a success, but when adding subsequent records in the Patient Input, the HxPE cannot be updated when pressing the button.

This is how my lookup code looks like:
LOOKUP([Name], “Patient Input”, “NameFilter”, “Sino sa lahi mo ang may Diabetes?”)

The HxPE contains the Name column
The Patient Input contains the NameFilter column and the “Sino sa lahi mo ang may Diabetes?” column from the Google form which is a text placeholder.

Am I missing something here or should I use a different command? Thanks in advance.

It looks like you need [_THISROW] in front of [Name] to indicate the correct record:

LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Name], “Patient Input”, “NameFilter”, “Sino sa lahi mo ang may Diabetes?”)

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