Unable to view PDF after creating workflow

Hello Dear Members,

I am trying to create a sales order file, via workflow, once a new form is filled. And then I need to create a button to be able to download the pdf of that file on my device (PC and Android). I have gone through all the forum posts till now, but still unable to rectify the 404 error.

This is where my workflow files are getting stored on the google drive.

I have created a column with ‘file’ type

I am getting the file path correctly on my google sheet.


I have created 2 actions : 1 to update the column with the file path and the other action to open the file.

But when I click on Generate sales order link button, the link gets updated on the Sales order column, however when I click on the open sales order file button I get a bad request or a 404 error.

I have been trying to troubleshoot for 2 days. I’ll be grateful if someone can help me in this.

Thanks in advance

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Are the table and the application in the same folder? I had this problem.

Your Google sheet and data should be on same folder.


Thanks! Solved