Unable to view performance details from mobile browser

I used to be able to view the performance details of an app in my chrome mobile browser.
When I tap the button it now only takes me to the Data > Table.

I think you now have to go Manage --> Monitor --> Performance profile.

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Hi @Kirk_Masden,

This is is where I go. When I click on the green goggles it does not expand the details anymore. It automatically goes to Data > Tables instead.

Thanks for your reply. I’m not very knowledgable about this particular issue but it’s my understanding that the interface has changed.

It should not work like that. Let me assign this to our developers for debugging.


Now I see what you are saying, @Guillermo_Perez. Sorry it took me so long to understand the problem. I’m glad @Aleksi was able to respond in a more appropriate way.

By the way, I tried it on my own app and the green goggles properly showed the performance details on my browser. I hope you get a good resolution soon, @Guillermo_Perez.

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Thanks @Aleksi

Don’t worry I’m grateful for the fact you tried to help. Thanks @Kirk_Masden!

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