Unabled to Add/Edit/Delete

Im getting an error ‘unable to add/edit/delete due to invalid formula.’

I am familar with this error but The table doesn’t seem to have any noticeable issue and the editor is not presenting any error messages.

If I sync changes I receive the error but after resetting the changes are present? Is this a bug in appsheet or something else?

I emailed support about this also.

Hi @Sarah_Keown
I dont quite follow , what is the formula that is causing the error. Do you have a screen shot of both the error and the formula?

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I think I have managed to fix it, there was a column with spreadsheet formula in the app but it didnt exist it the excel table. :slight_smile:


Yes this will happen if you delete the sheet formula from the spreadsheet, but you don’t for example regenerate the column structure from the app editor.