Understanding User Management

Good evening Everyone,

At this time I am on the Free Plan. I created an Address Book app from scratch. Via the Security tab, I checked the box to require User Signin, but I don’t yet employ row-level security. Right now, I just want to ensure that I am the only user who is authorized to use the app.

Via the Users tab, I shared the app with myself after entering my Gmail address. I received the email, and clicked the links to install the AppSheet app from the Play Store. All went well. I can use my app.

From the Users tab, it lists my Gmail address but says “(no response)”. Also “1 Invited / 0 Responded”. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to change the status. I also tried replying to the email.

I tried to restrict access to the app my changing the dropdown from “Can use app” to “Can view definition” but that had no effect. I tried closing the app and restarting it but I still have full access to it.

I deleted myself as a user but I still have access to the app on my phone. I tried logging out and then back in, but I still have access.

Is there anyway to restrict access to a specific list of users? As it is now, anyone can install the app and gain access to the app via Google authentication. It is behaving like a public app, but what is the purpose of authentication?

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I am still grappling with the difference between deploying an app and sharing an app.

When I click on the Deploy button, I receive two errors:

  1. Invalid subscription plan: User signin not allowed with the FREE plan. Offline access not allowed with the FREE plan

  2. You can test, distribute, and start using your app right now. Once the app is past the testing phase, please upgrade your account subscription plan

Error #1 appears to be inaccurate. When I share the app, the user is required to sign in to use it on their handheld device. Perhaps, the error refers to row-level security not working with the FREE plan?

I understand this is causing confusions, but this tells how AppSheet is kind enough for newbies who test the appsheet app, I would say.

On the free plan, you still can deploy the app to your listed users despite errors you see. The error you see upon deploying is kind of precausion. When you stay with free plan for a while, you would see you are using app like for those who paid for the app, but it is just for a while. You will receive further precausion, the app will be stopped unless you move to the paid plan.


It is kinda of grace period in legal terms?


I was hoping that the FREE plan had all of the features of the paid plans but with hard constraints put on deployment, like restricting the number of apps and the number of users. As it is, I can not deploy and share an app with the FREE plan, and experience it as if it were a paid plan.

Please understand, I’m not looking to avoid paying fees. I was just expecting to try out features before committing. As it stands, I can not whitelist certain users.


I upgraded from FREE to STARTER. Now, I am able to Deploy!

I invited myself to install the app on my Android phone. I received the email. I installed AppSheet and my app, and like before I am able to use it. However, the Users tab still says “1 Invited / 0 Responded”.

The credentials that I am using for app development on my desktop computer is the same that I use when I installed the app on my phone. Does this count as a billable user?



I forwarded my questions to Support. Thanks everyone for your help.



App owner and creator account is counted as ONE (1) lisences so they are also billiable.