Unexpected error in workflow - "Error: This change cannot be applied because there is a newer version of your app '<app name>'. Please reset data to discard local changes."

In a sample app, I have added a workflow rule to add a row to another table. This workflow was working fine for some time and then after some changes to the app, I am only seeing the following error when the workflow rule is triggered
"Error: This change cannot be applied because there is a newer version of your app '<app name>'. Please reset data to discard local changes.:"
I have tried to clean the DB, regenerated the table structure and even cloned the app, but am seeing this error only.
The action completes fine if I trigger it manually.
Would appreciate if someone can guide me on how to debug/fix this issue.


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Good to know, I thought I was the only one to have such problem. I have exactly the same problem as you!!

Raised question to support on March 6. The day after I received this answer, then nothing:

I understand you are facing issue related to Automation. Please allow me some time to investigate on your issue and get back to you with proper feedback

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Where are you seeing this error? Can you provide a screenshot?

Hi Steve
I am seeing this error in the Log for the Workflow. Here’s a screenshot of one such failure.

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I can’t imagine how that would happen! Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this. Please let us know what comes of it!

Contacted support@appsheet.com and it turned out to be a regression in the latest code which was reverted by appsheet. Post the revert, the workflow rules are working as expected, without me doing any changes in my app.


Thanks for updating here. Glad it’s working for you again!

Can you be more specific? Did you revert to a previous version or did they do something? I am still waiting for an answer! Are you a paying user? Just to understand if it’s normal that you received an answer when I am still waiting…
@appsheet Team: I am still in the evaluation phase of your product, and based on the experience I have had so far, I’ve not yet concluded this product is suitable for being used in a real productive environment…

I reverted the change.

I was making an enhancement to the product to provide the ability to allow customers to better debug their Data Change workflow actions. This feature was requested by several of our users. The change would allow you to enable tracing to see exactly what changes were applied by each Data Change action in your workflow.

I was in the process of releasing that change gradually, first to Free customers and then to paying customers. When I released it to about 70% of Free customers, I got reports of the error “This change cannot be applied because there is a newer version of your app”. When I investigated the error, I discovered that my change had introduced that error. To correct the problem as quickly as possible, I reverted the error. I did the on Saturday afternoon.

Later Saturday afternoon, I fixed the underlying problem. I hope to gradually roll out the tracing change over the next few weeks.


Thanks @Phil
Everything is working now!

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