Unexpected view switch with INLINE section in Detail View

Hi there,

I’m having trouble with a recent view I created, I noticed that behavior in another app, similar situation.

Expected behavior
I have a detail view with inline items displayed.
Usually, I see Inline preview and if I click on “view” button attached, I go to the Inline view as I set it up.

Unexpected behavior
In the meantime, I created a personal view based on the same table : now, this is this personal view I visualize, and naturally when I click on the View button, I get this new one instead of the usual Inline view.

Trying to avoid this…but I can’t
I looked to set inline view as default view (the other one was for another purpose) but I can’t do this
: event action in detail view not available to settings.

As a workaround, I used a show_if constraint to make the new one not visible in certain cases…very surprisingly, that does not work although I’m 100% sure of my show_if formula (and I double-checked with the Test button in the formula area).

This looks like a bug/glitch to me, what do you think ?
If no, do you have a clue on how can I set the inline view back as default ?

Many thanks in advance for your help


the workaround that works is to delete the personal view. Not a permanent solution to me :sweat_smile:

The inline view used for a column of type List of Ref will be chosen from among the views in the ref position for the table referenced by the Ref values of the List. If you add a view for the table in the ref position, that view will be displayed in preference over the system-generated views.

What are you trying to accomplish?


Thanks Steve

I’m trying to display items in a specific order for employees, and in another order for their hierarchic.

Maybe should I use a slice to “duplicate” items in this hierarchic view ?

Yep! :slight_smile:

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