Unintended Different web view vs phone/tablet view

I’ve built an app that should have the same view across all platforms (phone, tablet & web). I had been pulling in data from another sheet to prefill a couple of boxes (as ref items), but for some reason that decided to not work as expected. So I changed the ref to text in one entry and on the other changed it to an enum (and filled in the list). When saved & refreshed, the phone & tablet view are fine, but the web version is not. But only in chrome. Safari, firefox and incognito chrome work fine, just not ‘regular chrome’. Even in the Mac version of Microsoft’s Edge renders it correctly.

phone version:

web version:

I’ve cleared my browser history also, but to no avail.
My problem is my web users ONLY use Chrome.

Any suggestions?

The difference between the two that are shown is that the mobile device image is showing a Form ready to enter a NEW row.

In the web version image, it is showing a Detail view of an already entered row.

I think we need some details on HOW you are getting to these views?

Seems to not be a problem this morning.

But, for what it’s worth to answer your question @WillowMobileSystems, the phone/tablet view is what is showing inside of the app building, the preview. The web version is from the browser link provided @ Users -> Links.

There are no slices or different views.
[In an effort to get this rolled out for my people, I set it to ‘open’ / public app, no user signin required. (changing that now the PoC works)]

The initial view is the form and the finish view is ‘automatic’ with the switch set to On for Auto re-open (automatically reopen the form after saving).

So…all that to say, this is a pretty simple form/form entry without any fancy viewings. I think it was a glitch in the matrix as it seems to be working now.

Ok, and to correct myself now that I am looking closer, the web view is NOT a Detail view but a partially filled out Form view. My mistake.

Glad its working for you now!!

yeah…that’s what was weird… could not get past the partially filled out form. Even when filling out/saving the form it came back that way. Every other browser (I have available on my machine) brought up the correct view, except for my primary chrome. Weirdness.

Could that browser session have been open for a while and had an older iteration of the app running?

For browsers, most changes that affect the view of the main app MUST be updated by refreshing the browser (NOT by the Sync button in the AppSheet app). This means clicking the BROWSER refresh button or closing the session and re-launching it.

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I had that same thought so I closed/exited the browser w/o success.
Cleared history & cache too thinking maybe it was pulling (more quickly) from history vs. from the live page… nuthin’.