UNIQUE() as key column not working

Hello - I have a list of tasks in my spreadsheet and I want Appsheet to generate UNIQUE() as key column. Currently the ID column is blank. Under data, I have set ID column formula = UNIQUE(). But when I save, the error message tells me that I cannot have a formula as key.

This conflicts what I read: What is a Key? | AppSheet Help Center, UNIQUEID() | AppSheet Help Center

These articles says that Appsheet does support UNIQUE() as a way to generate pseudo-keys, but the system is telling me I cannot have a formula. I’m confused. Please help, thank you!

You can use a formula with the initial value, but I’m assuming you are trying to use it with an app formula, which doesn’t work. If it would work, it would generate a new key value when ever you open a record.


The command is not UNIQUE() to generate a unique ID

The command is


Try that in your initial value and you should be good to go.