Unique ID, manual generation =ArrayFormula( ...

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Unique ID, manual generation

=ArrayFormula( IF( LEN(A2:A) , LEFT(‘General Data’!G2:G,1)&LEFT(‘General Data’!E2:E)&SUBSTITUTE(TEXT( I2:I ,“ddMMYYHH:mm” ),":","") , IFERROR(1/0) ) )

I have a formula in my google sheet that generates a unique ID, combining the initials of the name of the patient with the date/time of admission. However, I can’t use it as a key since it has a formula on the google sheet cell. I tried to mimic this formula with appsheet but so far failed. I tried using concatenate() and initials() but failed. Any idea on how I can go about this?

Thank you

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What have you tried already?

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I have found out a way already by making a virtual column with concant, thanks.

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