UNIQUE ID with my code

Can you suggest how to use the unique id with my code like RAM/0000,RAM/0001 and how use that in form

You could use the concatenate formula, like this…


That would give you something like this…


You would put that in the app formula row. That way it would generate a new value for each form. I hope I understood your original post right.

Not quite sure how to make it RAM/ and then only 4 numbers.

Can you suggest to me in number also

Sorry, I do not know how to do that. Good luck though!

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The challenge is that if two or more users are filling the form at the same time, you will have the same code more than once.

For 4 numbers you can use:

concatenate( “RAM/”, RANDBETWEEN(1000, 9999))

Change the upper and lower ranges to get any number range you want.

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Click through the following link for help.


Doesn’t this come up as a yellow warning if there is no explicit ‘key column’ defined for the table? Like it suggests against using _ROWNUMBER as a key?