Unique random key in google sheet - add lines to sheet

My Google sheet has a unique random key in the first column that is auto-generated. How can I add lines directly to the Google sheet rather than in the app? There are many adds to make, so I would prefer not to use teh “+” button in the appsheet. If I add a line to the G-sheet, the random ID cell does not populate when I try to add rows directly to the sheet. It works fine if I use the “+” button in the app though.
Thanks for any help!

Why do you use Appsheet, then?

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I use the formula
=DEC2HEX(RANDBETWEEN(0, 999999999), 8)

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Thanks for the question.
Our technicians use appsheet on the road for looking up customers and product prices on their phones. It would be most efficient to go into the G sheet to input multiple updates/new items, rather than going item by item in the app.

Okey, it is understandable, but you as app creator, better to avoid to let the user to access to the data source directly in this case spreadsheet, as the user may break up your sheets by mistake or whatever reasons, then your app may break at the end.

Better to think and have a way to complete all the works within and on the app.

In my humble opinion.

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I agree with @tsuji_koichi. Using the spreadsheet as a spreadsheet and as the data source for the app is very risky.

Ok. I’ll just go in and edit all the new prices and add items individually via the app if that is the only “safe” method. Seems like it would be a more common problem, however, as manufacturers typically raise prices at least annually. Thanks for your guidance!