Unique values after filtering

Hi All

I am trying to remove certain values and then whatever left after that, only return the unique values in the data. I have managed to get the filter correct using:


but then get stuck on the unique portion of whats left. So it currently returns 3 authorised with the same persons name, I only need one.

Any ideas?

Where are you trying to do this? In a slice?

That is correct

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Use this as your slice row filter condition:


Replace table with the name of the table the slice is for, and replace ... with the expression you’d been using previously.

Hi @Steve

this does not function as the Any returns only one random value from the list from what I can see. I need all the values returned, minus the duplicates naturally

Did you try it?

Yes I put it in and got only one result, changed according to what I set my key as, but still one result

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Yeah, I rushed my previous response; it was bad. Try this instead:

  = ANY(
          ([Person] = [_THISROW].[Person]),
          IN([Status], LIST("Authorised", "Draft"))

Replace table with the name of the table the slice is based on.