Unique values for lines. Tool for a surveyor


I am making a tool for our surveyor in to my App. Raw data from insturment has to be processed. Every point has to have a particular measuring code from a list, which I managed to do in AppSheet.

In addition every line has to have unique value each. Lines are made of two or more points. Lets say we have two lines A and B. A is made of points 1 and 2. B is made of points 3,4,5. Then we have 5 rows and rows 1 and 2 should have unique value for example 100 (which can be whatever random value) and rows 3,4,5 respectively 101.

In raw data points gets runnig number and descriptive name given in the field, plus the first point of the line has identifier B (bigin) and in the mid M and in the end E. In above example: 1B, 2E and 3B, 4M, 5E.

Could this be possible in AppSheet? Thanks very much.

Hellow @Janne_Schmandt , just as good reference, you might check out the following post - there’s lots of helpful tips:

I would suggest you take a look at references: that might be the easiest way to get this sort of grouping you’re looking for.

There are other ways of course, but this might be the easiest and open up much more functionality in the future.