UNIQUEID removed when saving

I want to use UNIQUEID to generate an ID as an initial value for a time sheet application.

The ID field initial value field get back to blank after I save the app after adding UNIQUEID() in the initial value field. Any reason why I am having this behaviour?

Please post screenshots from before and after.

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Try turning the Editable flag on for [ID].

The app editor is telling you exactly what’s wrong. What don’ you understand?

I am really sorry to bother you with my rookie question @steve. You must be looking for meaningful challenges today. I understand from the message that there should not be a formula in the spreed sheet. To make sure it is the case I have deleted and recreated the column in the spreadsheet but I am getting the same error.

Thanks @marc_dillon for this suggestion. Unfortunately it does not work complaining about the sheet formula.

Unless you Regenerated as well, you’ll probably also need to go into that columns definition and delete anything out of the Spreadsheet Formula field.


Interesting. It seems a formula was still present in this field after I have deleted and recreated the column and regenerated the table structure. Thanks @Marc_Dillon for pointing the field for me!

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