Unstable expression

I have this expression that is being invoked by an action when form is saved. it was working for more than a month. after a while it won’t.
can please assist me what went wrong

I tested it and still is providing correct answer but not making a changes in the targeted other table’s column
Expenses Details[Cost],
([Expenses Item] = “Short”),
([Date] = [_ThisRow].[Date]),
([Over or Short Name] = [_ThisRow].[Name]))

Then the expression is not the problem. Make sure your action is working properly.

Hi Steve,
is it possible to have an action name in form saved but is not existing anymore in behavior > action view?

i noticed this “Short or Over” but can’t find it anywhere in the behavior configuration.


please ignore. i selected auto in from saved and refreshed it, when i clicked it again that action name is gone. i may have accidentally deleted it before but it did not automatically removed from from saved options.


Yeah, AppSheet has a tendency to do that. Same with if you simply renamed the action. It would be nice if AppSheet threw an error or warning about it, at least.