Unsupported Formulas in Appsheet

Hello fellow Appsheet users - first time that I’m posting a question here but have been working in Appsheet regularly since Feb 2020. I hit a wall when trying to integrate MMULT() as a “Spreadsheet Formula” into one of my columns.

Has anyone found a workaround on how to apply Excel formulas that are unsupported by Appsheet?

The interesting thing is that the formula shows up in the “Spreadsheet Formula” field of my column but it won’t apply it when new rows are added. Rather, it causes the app to error out if I leave it there.

I’ve resorted to copying down (Ctrl-D) the formula in Excel manually for new rows but this isn’t ideal.

Any native or third party workaround suggestions are welcome. I already checked out integromat but their support team told me that copying down a formula isn’t something they support.

What is it that you’re trying to accomplish with MMULT()?

There may be a different approach in AppSheet involving ‘perform an action on a set of rows’, or creating a parent table to store summary data.

Try rephrasing the question in terms of your table and column names.

What do you want to calculate? What tables/columns store the inputs to the calculation? What real-world transaction are you tracking?

I would avoid sheet formulas until you have exhausted all native AppSheet options.

If that doesn’t work out though, look into R1C1 notation.



So when you are saying that the excel formula is unsupported by Appsheet, I’m assuming that you mean you have put it in Spreadsheet Formula section of the column and it fails when you do that? Because I have done a ton of spreadsheet formulas that show up here and I didn’t think Appsheet cared what the formula was.


What formula are you trying to use?

Chances are there is an AppSheet equivalent. Sheet formulas should be avoided if possible.

They slow down sync time, and their values don’t update until data is written back to the sheet. But if you use a Virtual Column, the data updates instantly in the UI when formulas inputs change.


Thank you all for the helpful suggestions! I came to the conclusion that Appsheet can’t support Array Formulas (MMULT(), SUMPRODUCT(), etc). I think this is by design. I did accomplish what I needed by breaking down the formula into its parts and adding a bunch of hidden columns for calculation purposes. Very tedious but it works.

Happy to help anyone who runs into a similar issue (jmelo@payhouse.co).