Unusual Numbers Appearing in Place of Name

I am creating a driver/dispatch app. When I create a route named “May 14”, the route name appears as numbers, although in the backend it appears correct:


Change the format of the column in your sheet to plain text

This didn’t make a difference :frowning:

Okay for some reason I noticed this only happens when I try to set a date as the name. I just tried again with “test route 14” and everything went smoothly.

From my past experiance this has always been a sheet based problem. Ive ussually only had to set the column as plain text and everything worked fine. Sorry I cant help out in any other way.

Okay I first I thought you meant in the app. I changed it within the spreadsheet and the problem is fixed. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Great to hear. :slight_smile:
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Especially if your using Google Sheets, I found that, unlike Excel, it likes to autoformat certain datatypes weirdly if you don’t specify.

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