Upcoming AppSheet maintenance window - Sunday August 8th, 9am - 12pm PDT (4pm - 7pm GMT)

Hi everyone,

We will perform maintenance work to redirect AppSheet traffic from Cloudflare directly to Load Balancer in GCP.

Maintenance window:

  • Sunday, August 8th 2021, 9am - 12pm PDT (4pm - 7pm GMT)

This change would allow us to utilize the full potential of Load Balancer in GCP and the whole Google network. And by eliminating the 3rd party service it gives us the ability to have more control over the system, also makes it less dependent and more secure.

Migration off Cloudflare is a relatively large infrastructure change and this time we are making small incremental step that shouldn’t cause any downtime or significant interruption to the service. But with this kind of network changes there is always a chance to face issues like losing a secure connection for a short period of time or connection to the origin getting lost while DNS records are updating. This change has already been tested on multiple subdomains for the past few weeks and didn’t cause any problems, and made sure to minimize the risks. We apologize in advance if this change will cause any inconvenience to you.

We will be closely monitoring this community space during the migration. Please post any issues here or contact Appsheet support.

Thank you,

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Thanks for the notice. I think you mean 9am-12pm PDT.

Right, my bad. It should be 12pm PDT. Updated, thank you!


The change is done. Now all traffic goes directly to the load balancer in GCP. There were no issues or downtime while doing it. Let me know if you see any network problems like connection not being secure, connection is refused or no connection at all.


Thanks for posting back!

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My users are experiencing unusually long sync time today… not sure if it has anything to do with this update? :thinking:

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The same here, longer sync times since yesterday.

My users are experiencing longer sync times, network errors and parts of app failing to operate in the same way it did before this maintenance

@Terry_Wong @JA003 @Wide_Span_Sheds

Please contact Support for help with this.