Upcoming change in file display vs download behavior

We are starting to slowly change which files we tell the browser to try and display and which we tell it to download. Currently we tell the browser to attempt to display almost everything. As this change rolls out we will still be displaying a list of file types (below) in the browser, but everything else will now be downloaded as an attachment. We are using a rollout for this change which means that it could be a few weeks before this change impacts a given user.

Files that will still be attempted to display in the browser:

Now I know that “everything else” can ring some alarm bells, but we are not jumping into this without having some idea of what the impact will be. Over the last 7 days more than 96% of files that have been viewed are in this list that will continue to be displayed in the browser. Of the less than 4% of files remaining the vast majority are file types that browsers can’t display like Microsoft Word documents (.docx). Because of this we anticipate very little impact to the user experience when viewing and downloading files.

We can’t guarantee that there will be no impact however, there is a long tail of file types in the less than 4% of files that will be forced to download. Furthermore 7 days of data doesn’t give us an exhaustive list of file types to check. If there are any concerns about specific file types or issues that arise please reach out.


This sounds really well thought out…

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Please consider adding the .SVG file type to your list.


They was one of my first thoughts. .html files, and the like…

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Hard to say if @David_Pond changes would impact the inline SVG stuff we do, since we declare the mimetype upfront / we arent loading from a .SVG source.

If this does nuke the SVG stuff then… uh oh


@Jonathon Would you mind opening a support ticket? I could get some more technical details from you and we could figure out impact/solutions.

@Grant_Stead Thank you! HTML files specifically have already been forced to download for a while so there shouldn’t be any changes there.



@David_Pond did some testing and confirmed that his changes should not impact how we currently use SVGs in AppSheet!


I m not sure if the new codes have been made to change the behavior of file type column action, either display file as preview or start to download, but we noticed this behavior is inconsistant acrosss the different platform.

For instance, the action attached to file type colum, and hit this action for the file (PDF). On the browser (PC) App is to display preview by opening new browser tab.

On Android, it starts to download the PDF to the device and launch google drive app then display the file for preview.

On iOS, it is the same behavior as PC browser, it immidiately display the preview.

On new iOS (im on testing the new one) , it starts to download PDF, asking user where to save the file…

FOR PDF file, it should stay displaying the file for preview across all the devices, I would call.