Upcoming changes to the Table View - Horizontal Scrolling

Hi App Creators,

As part of the efforts for the App UI Refresh, as of November 2nd all Table Views for new and existing apps will have Horizontal Scrolling enabled all the time. App Creators won’t be able to choose between ON and OFF for “Horizontal Scrolling” Under UX > Options >Table View.

Why is this happening?

In order to support new features, better functionality and styling, we are moving away from a fixed Table View. We believe this will positively impact our editors and their users in the long run!

How will my apps be impacted?

Currently, if you have not selected a Column Order in your Table View Options and you don’t have Horizontal Scrolling enabled, your users will only see as many columns as their width screen will fit. Note in the image below, only three columns are showing and no horizontal scrollbar appears.

With this change, your users will now be able to scroll right and see all columns available in the table you’re showing.

I don’t want my app users seeing all the columns. Is this something I can change?

Yes, this is something you’ll have control over. If you go to UX > Views > Table View > View Options you will be able to select which columns to show by changing the Column Order values. As long as you omit the option ** all other columns ** you will only be showing the specified columns.

If you experience any issues, please reach out as always.



How will this indicate visually on a mobile device?

Awesome! I always turn on horizontal scrolling anyway.

I wonder if we could please, please, please include the horizontal momentum scrolling on iOS devices? (not sure if Android suffers the same)

The Feature Request below suggested this a year ago. For large tables, on iPhones and iPads, the horizontal scrolling is painfully slow. Vertically it works just fine.


Great question, so far all of our users who use horizontal scrolling have not had an issue with this – columns will not fit perfectly to the screen size and it will be clear to the end user that there is more content. We’re also looking into drop-shadow on the right for a clear indication.

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I approve of this change. :wink:

Could you perhaps elaborate a bit on new feature plans? It always exciting to know what appsheet is planning.

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Yes will be always horizontal view but on the phone try to put a loot of data and will be lag when scroll up and down , then if i eliminate on view the other columns on desktop view i will see only one column like on phone view. I don’t like this change. Thinking about i need to retake my course about Kotlin i see this is going in some directions with last updates that i have to worry always.

Thank you for this feedback, please email support@appsheet.com with screenshots if possible so we can take a look at the desktop issue.

For those who have not noticed, I would like to underscore @WillowMobileSystems’s point about horizontal momentum:

I suspect that this is one of many issues that will get fixed eventually but that the day will come sooner if more creators visit this Feature Request and vote for it. Thanks!

P.S. “Momentum” works well with horizontal scrolling on my browser – just not on my phone. Ironically, the tiny phone screen is where it’s needed most.


This is definitely something we need to look into…Thank you for the suggestion, it will be such a big difference for phone scrolling! :slight_smile:



Facing one problem due to always-on horizontal scroll bar

over in my table, the scroll bar is covering one data row. I cant able read my last row.

how to fix it.

Hi @sunil_prajapati ! I just noticed your post. I don’t know that answer be it might help if you could post a screenshot of the problem.

By the way, @macastan , it seems that iPhones now have momentum when they scroll horizontally. Is that part of the change you were posting about here? The addition of momentum to iPhone doesn’t seem to have been mentioned yet in the release notes.

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@sunil_prajapati that should be fixed now :slight_smile:

@Kirk_Masden the improved scrolling is actually a side effect of a bug fix that happened because of enabling horizontal scrolling for all apps. It’s slowly being rolled out.


Nice bug!! (for me at least :wink: )

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solved thax a lot to appsheet team