Upcoming Feature: Custom Color Picker

Starting next week, we will be updating our default color palette and rolling out a feature that allows you to select a custom primary color for your app along with the new option to color the footer and header you may have seen released today. This has been a long-requested feature to add more customization for your apps. Here is the related blog post with a few more details.

Here is a preview of how it’ll look:

It’ll first be rolling out to a subset of free users before rolling out to to paid users in order to fix any issues that may arise. Look forwarding to seeing different colors being used!



I found a bug, I think.

The column headers are invisible now.

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Great… Now I’m going to be locked up for two hours deciding which HEX best represents an asset control app… LoL


I’ll get a fix out for that for next time we release.

@Grant_Stead You’ll be able to use one of the palette colors if you want something nice without thinking too much about it :slight_smile:


Haha, thanks for improving the platform!

I have a question about this update. Will that “Custom” color palate be in format rules too, or just next to Primary Color?


The plan is just to change the Primary Color control palette for now. I might update the format rules to have the color picker to allow for custom colors but you can enter a hex code like #FFFFFF today it just requires an external color picker to get the hex code.


Ok, thanks!

Have a Wonderful Day! - Nick Barry RPC

I suppose you might as well for consistency across the platform. Love it.

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Can I please be among the subset of free users?



I love the addition of the color picker. Probably long overdue.

In regard to the use of a picker to maintain consistency, I would like to suggest the capability be built in to “save” the most recent custom colors. It can become tedious to have to cut/paste Hex values to maintain consistent colors across the app (think numerous Format Rules).


Saving colors would be awesome!

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Our company colors include a blue that is just different enough from the pre-defined blue that you can tell even without them side by side. Finally I will stop getting asked if we can make the color our specific blue!!! I can’t wait


@nico I don’t see the dark and light theme choice in your screen shot. Is that just cut off the top?

Yes, it’s just cut off from the screenshot – that option will still be there :slight_smile:


That’s great. I don’t see it in my account, when that will be available?


It would be nice to see the HEX values of the standard colors in Format Rules.
If we are using SVGs then we could use the same HEX colors.

@Jonathan1 it’s starting to be rolled out this week, I expect in a week or so it’ll be available to all users, maybe a little longer if we find bugs I need to fix. I’m increasing the availability as fast as I can.

@Fabian Yes, that seems like a good idea. This first change will only change the primary color picker but later I plan to replace the format rule color and it’ll be possible to get those hex codes. As a one-off I can tell you the formatting rule cyan is either #01cebc in white or #19d0c0 in dark theme (but there’s no easy way to find this out yourself atm).


completely 100%% agree with this statement. Doesn’t appsheet have a google team behind it now? So many important things that need to be done for larger scale business. @Response_Team. I have to split our app into over 20 different ones. Would love a app that can handle everything. Just dreaming.

May be ranting IDK.