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Will the existing method for creating workflows go away?


Hi @Daisy_Ramirez the short answer is that they are changing, see below

The bots associated with AppSheet Automation are the new way of configuring workflow rules/reports with events and processes. Moving forward, use bots for new workflows/automations.

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Ok so we can’t simply create a quick workflow without using the Automation tool? I’ve not been able to review the Automation tool due to deadlines and need to know if I have to jump into the tool now in order to support clients


The recommendation is to start building bots rather than the legacy workflows to address automation needs. We have a ton of how-to videos and content coming out shortly, including an Office Hours tomorrow morning. These should be able to help get you started, and please ask questions if you need additional assistance.

@prithpal can also help any additional questions.

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I wished that current settings will be retained as legacy mode in addition to new automation … as it is quite simple, not simply because we are used to and familiar with it. Setting for automation will requires more of jobs to set up the same things.

The best options (at least to me) was to set up the simple workflow (along wiht action) with current action/workflow set ups.
If it does not support our business requiremnet, like the case where we need to invoke worflow by another workflow, then we go to automation.

But I never mind.


Feel “SLIGHTLY” back stabbed by this statement since its only gonna be maybe 2 months since posting when workflows are being turned off. I am literally in the middle of making new apps and now I have to completely stop my work and learn this new automation set up that is currently just incredibly more annoying to deal with creating than the incredibly simple workflow. You’re removing an absolutely integral part of making an app on 24-28 hr notice to be replaced by something that many of us have been under the impression this is a beta that you shouldn’t even use in production yet?


Correction:I refreshed and my ability to make workflows is gone so 45 days after being told don’t use them on basically 0 minutes notice cause I found this post notifying me while working an app.


mi pregunta es

Los flujos de trabajo que tengo actualmente en un monton de aplicaciones y que mis clientes usan, simplemente appsheet dice que van a desaparecer, es correcto eso??

I feel quite backstabbed too actually, just look at this

My app development capabilities are pretty much back to newbie right now, i have not looked into automation either as i was under the impression we would be notified before the plug was pulled on workflows.


We’ll take your feedback and talk about it in the team today — perhaps it is too abrupt a change.

But also, could you please try to create a bot in the automation tab instead of a workflow rule. It should be the same amount of work with the same level of effort and with the same concepts if you’re just building a straight linear rule. You should not feel like a newbie — it isn’t a whole new thing. Almost 100% of the work in creating a workflow rule is in configuring the tasks and the tasks are identical in an automation bot. This is intentionally why we felt this would not be letting anyone down or affecting their productivity.


El problema es que si eliminan los flujos de trabajo, todas las aplicaciones que ya tenemos ¿que va a pasar con ellas? ¿que pasa con aplicacion que tiene flujos de trabajo y la copio?

I had my team (myself included) try to make a simple bot a few weeks ago. We all had trouble. The conceptual change felt really jarring and many of us could not get the bots to behave the way we wanted.

One of our new hires (totally new to appsheet) learned it faster than the rest of the more experienced team members. I think that speaks to the difficulty of applying previous knowledge to this new approach.

We assumed the tool was still “buggy” and so none of us have taken the time to fiddle with it and iron out our broken bots. My team is feeling the whiplash right now. We were also planning our own training content on the feature, but did not feel the feature was mature enough to start building production level bots yet.


@Stefan_Quartemont , that’s fair. We’ve done a lot of UI change in the last few weeks to make it easier to comprehend.
But also, we heard the feedback. Please stay tuned — Jen is posting something on this in the next few minutes.


Thanks @praveen .

Just to be clear, I think Automation is a good reworking of the “workflow” feature and opens a ton of cool doors. Excited that it’s going mainstream and that the AppSheet team is putting alot of confidence behind that part of the product.

I was operating on the impression that it was still Area 51 :alien: but will take a more committed approach to adoption of the feature.


Thank you everyone for your feedback, we’re rolling out a change in product that will allow everyone to continue to engage with workflows in a legacy fashion until 4/28 at the earliest. You’ll see this update tomorrow morning in the next rollout.


Is my understanding correct that current workflow rules will not be automatically converted into new bots? With the speed of this change and the elimination of legacy workflows, I would have at least consider auto converting like for like before shutting off legacy capabilities at such a high speed.


@Stefan_Quartemont I agree, I noticed that trying to use my previous knowledge did hinder me a bit.

It’s reassuring to hear top level pros admitting that it was a bit difficult because I was quite self critical about having a tough time LOL.

Also want to thank @praveen for being so open minded and humble to reconsider the rollout and thanks to the Appsheet team for all the work to evolve the platform.


I trying to create a simple scheduled report but I’m not having any luck.

Thanks all for your patience, as mentioned we are allowing customers couple more weeks to continue creating new workflows/report.

I am including couple of quick samples that may be helpful:

  1. Have a workflow rule, create a similar bot - This video walks you through doing a point by point comparison between a workflow rule and a bot
  2. Intelligent Bot Creation - This video walks you through how AppSheet uses AI to capture user intent and help create bots within a few clicks, making you more productive.

Please continue to post your comments here.


For actions, the action type aka “Do This” setting of “Grouped: Execute a Process” that was added when Automation hit Preview is no longer available.

Why is this? I felt as if calling a process directly from a manually invoked action was a good way to bypass the complexity of setting up a workflow trigger text column and populating/clearing the field just to trigger a bot that watches on all changes and runs a conditional every time that rarely will be true.
Instead, an action-called process will only trigger automation when needed. I went to use this action type today after the abrupt discontinuation of new workflows and was disappointed to see this removal.