Update a second sheet with changed values from first sheet on update

It was easy to add a record to a second sheet with an action and a workflow.
I am passing in a unique identifier.

I want to be able to update values in the second table when I do updates on the first sheet.
I don’t want to have a ref or key relationship between the tables.

How do we achieve this ?

Please check the sample app “UpdateEventAction” from https://www.appsheet.com/portfolio/531778. It uses related table structure but the principle is the same without Ref field.

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Thanks Aleksi.
Your example provided the path to the answer.

For anyone else wanting to know how to do this use the expression assistant and similar select filters for your sheet data.

First Action Gets the referenced row

Second Action Data: Set the value of some values in this row.
SELECT(Client[FirstName], ([_THISROW].[ID] =[ID])) etc

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You’re welcome