Update automaticaly 1 table with record from other table without API


I need to make a Visitor Log for my company therefor i must manage Badge and Name of the visitor

For this I have 2 Table : Badge & Registry.

In registry I use badge as REF to drop-down al Badge number present in Table BADGE.

My problem is as follow.

I Visitor use badge Number 10 .

I make a filter in badget field that show only the Available Badge Numbers. the filter in VALID IF is
SELECT(Badge[Codice Badge], [Stato]=“Available” )

This badge number is written in REGISTRY Table .I use a drop-down list (from badge table)


How can I write in BADGE TABLE that the Badge 10 is in field STATE “IN USE” as soon a save the record?

When the visitor Exit the company I call the row in REGISTRY to write the Exit time.


How can I update the field STATE in Badge table “AVAILABLE” as soon i save the record?



Badge Form
help for changing the field STATE with IN USE

Hi @pascal_s
If you have a look at the Trucks W/F app in my portfolio you may get some idea how to do this with a change data workflow.
Full instructions are in a doc here.


look perfect and test it , Its Works:) great job
many thanks


Great, glad you found it useful.

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