Update docs on help.appsheet.com?

Are there any plans to update the considerable amount of workflow and report documentation on help.appsheet.com to properly reflect Automation? New app creators have no reason to look at the workflow and report docs for the very-valid solutions found there for Automation-resident problems.


Agreed, the Automation documentation is very limited. Presumably Appsheet wants to get it working before documenting it :rofl:


It is hard jobs to globally update the vast amount of documentation to be inline with the latest.
But I do admit there will be surely confustion for both new/old appsheet users to be refer to the document, which is not really helping us to get idea how BOT would work.
It is looking like to me that BOT is still kinda of BETA stage. Bugs are there and fixed, and then it present different UI which is giving us other confusions.
When we visit the documenation for automation, they are basically the repetition of what we see on the Appsheet Editor. Over 100 pages of premier documents is not helping me (at least) neither.

I always wecome new features and functionalities with AppSheet, but for this paricular feature of Automation, it is quite difficult for me to judge if we would welcome this new ones or not. Getting new functionalities (I don t have much of new use cases, as the exising (? or sorry it is gone now) workflow has been doing and filling the needs of business requirements quite nicely and most importantly, quite instantly.

To get the new functions (which would not be used day to day), we need to move to the BOT which requires more complex set ups. Getting new features, we need to sacriface something else, not sure if this is “well-ballanced”…

For instance, without “return a value” or "wait for a conditions’, i will create two separete bots to do the same jobs. Yes, not possible ,as One bot seemingly not listening to the event of data change made by another bot. (Said to be they would listen, but in reality, they are not.)

For the citizen developpers like me, the things could be intuitive, and easy to set ups.

Sorry, as usual, in my humble opinion.

All in all, I decided not to place any BOT to my production apps until the things are calm down.


Folks AppSheet Automation is already GA and not in BETA anymore. It is a superset of what Workflow rules/reports can do, there are changes, so sometimes it takes time to get used to something new. If there are use cases that used to work for you in “workflow rules/reports” and aren’t working for you anymore with the new bots we would like to hear about them.

There are a lot of docs to convert and because existing workflow rules will be supported for a period of time, we are trying to strike a balance so folks still have the appropriate documentation to refer to. The docs are currently in a transitionary state and being slowly migrated over (some have already been changed) the next few weeks so most of the articles from the behavior collection will be formatted and included in and will enrich the automation collection.

I urge everyone to be patient as we transition from workflow rules to bots.


Again, this is just my personnel opinion and decision.
yes, the current workflow is transformed to new BOT. I jus wait and see this transfer will be performed to the usage of our end app users, which is my first step.
Once I feel the assurance the conversion of workflow to new BOT (automatically transformed to do the same jobs), I will start developping new BOT to see if we are able to implement to production app.

As you know, the bugs are reported eveyday for BOT and automation stuffs. How can we feel assured?

every day we are receiving complains from our app end users, the Appsheet are recently unstable, and works oddly, and we are extinguishing fire all the time.
The transformation form workflow to Bot is just fear with me which may create additional complain from app users over us.

I have expressed my opinon, the GA was too early, we are all confused and under the fear.

We are not sure why Google is in a hussle to implement new automation …

We can wait until the new funtions are ready to work in full swing without giving errors or bugs.

Exising workflow have been working pefectly.

While bugs are observed repeatedly and constantly, I dont take it as GA, but as beta, even service provider declare GA.

Again, my personal opinion