Update Email Notification

Hi all,

I have 200+ columns in 1 table and I would like to send an email notifying one user when a row has been updated.
I would like the email to state what the field was before and after the change was made.
I do not want all the column headers in the email, just the column/s that have been updated.
Is this possible?

One option to create that functionality with the IF: & EndIf expression. It could be like…
<< EndIf >>.
Though you would need to do that 200 times


Hi Chloe,

Aleksi’s answer to your question is correct.

My question is why you have a table with over 200 columns?

Every table should correspond with one “object”, such as, a person, an order, a product, etc.
Every column should correspond with a “property” of that “object”. For example, a person might have properties of first name, last name, age, address, etc.

It is possible, but very rare, to have a single “object” with over 200 properties.
Often when there are that many properties, one of two things is happening.

  1. The table is actually combining information for two or more objects. You can check this by examining each property and asking what object that property is describing. For example, if you have inadvertently combined the person and the order in one table, you will notice that some properties are related to the person and others are related to the order. In that case, you need to create separate tables for person and order.

  2. The table has a field that occurs multiple times. For example, if you have fields with names like “Image1”, “Image2”, “Image3” or “Order1”, “Order2”, “Order3” then it is very likely that you need to move the occurring items to a child table.

My intention is to help, not criticize. When I see tables with so many columns, I wonder if the data modelling is correct.


Thank you @Aleksi I will test that out now.

Thank you for the feedback @Phil. This is my first time using AppSheet and built the app about 4 months ago and just making some updates to it at the moment.
It has been working very well so far, but slowly as I progress with my knowledge I have been making changes to it.