UPDATE: Extension of COVID promo

Hi everyone,

We hope this post finds you safe and well. Over the past few months we’ve watched you all engage with each other in a new way to provide impact when your communities needed it most. From community outreach to manufacturing PPE, there are countless ways in which you’ve supported each other.

As the pandemic continues to impact each of us in a different way, we are announcing the extension of our COVID promotion launched earlier this year. The promo is now valid through the end of 2020. You can learn more about this extension and see what some of your fellow Creators have built in the below blog post.

Thank you all for continuing to inspire us each and everyday!


Very thankful


Appreciate your effort. Thx alot. :innocent:

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Hi @JCadence, I’m really grateful to Appsheet team for helping with apps related to COVID19 In my country we could help more than 8000 people with this desease and work with volunteers in medical area near to 200. In my country it still continues, and I want to know if this PROMO/HELP will extend more time?

Thanks a lot

Fernando L.

Hi @Fernando_Lopez! We’re happy to hear that it’s been helpful for you. We’re determining next steps right now keep an eye out for updates in the coming weeks.


Thanks a lot @JCadence !!! I’ll be on alert… Thanks again

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Hi @JCadence, will there be a new extension of the COVID promotion that ends this 12/31/20?
Thanks in advance for your answer.