Update Form Side-by-Side so that Lists are full width as in Detail view

When a Detail View is set to Side-By-Side, Lists are still shown in the “normal” view with the column name on top and the inline table (and other inline view types) displayed across the full width of the panel. This creates a very nice clean look and the break between the fields and list is perfect. See image.

But in a Form view set Side-By-Side, the inline table is squeezed to the side. It doesn’t look natural or professional. The image below is snapped from a 27 inch monitor - as good as the view is going to get for width.

I would like to request that a Form view in side-by-side mode use the same display requirements for lists as has been done in a Detail View in side-by-side mode. It looks much better and keeps the look-and-feel consistent.


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I tried to use the side-by-side setting a few days ago, and ended up deciding against it for this very reason. That’s a lot of wasted space on a mobile device!



I agree.
It’s generally disappointing that we can’t control the form layout a bit better… Multiple columns, etc.

Also, almost anywhere that there is a nested table it looks horrendous, and IMO has a strange user experience… With the only exception being detail views…

I don’t use the isapartoff because a user can add a bunch of records, and then accidentally cancel out of the form, and lose everything… No warning, or anything…

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Address (map) needs to be the full width also. It’s too squeezed up.

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