Update issue


I have in one table several columns with this kind of expression:

Some how, when I save the form and open to edit it, an If I change the value of a column, the value of the expression is not changing.
Eg: when I ccomplete the form, an If in [Preg61]=“S”, save and sync the form, and then I edit the row, and change the value of the [Preg61]=“N”, save and sync, the value is not changing in fisical column from 18 to 0.

Why is not changing?

Where do you have that formula? It should be in App formula.

they are all in App Formula, in real columns not virtual columns.

Any other thought?

Do you have any formulas in your spreadsheet that could be affecting it?

Just for giggles, could you try reversing the condition? E.g.: “S”=[Preg61] and try that. I have had a few cases where that made all the difference.

No, all fórmulas are in the editor

Do you know what could be the problem?

If it’s okay for you, I cn check your app directly. For that purpose I would need to know
#1 - Account ID number
#2 - App name
#3 - Table/Column name
#4 - Steps I need to take so I could reproduce the same behavior


Have you had a chance to check it out?

Unfortuantely not yet. I’m hoping to do that soon…

Hi Aleksi, how are you? happy new year!!!
Had you have time to check the issue that I mention?

Unfortunately not yet. I will try to do that today… I hope.

Many thanks!

Would you please give access to your app. You can do that from My Account > Settings > Allow AppSheet staff to access my apps and related data in order to provide support and maintenance?


Hey Aleksi!
Have you had time to check on this?