Update "Last Tested" Date on Table 1 based on New Row Date in Table 2

Hey all!

I have an app with two tables, let’s call them Person and Tests. The Tests table is connected to the Person table via PersonID as a Ref column. Basically, one person can take many tests and we want to log that.

When I add a new row to Tests, it will include Test Date. I would like the value of Test Date to overwrite a column on the related Person called LastTested.

The desired use case for this app is that automation runs every day and if LastTested is over 90 days ago or whatever, we’re gonna hit them up.

I was trying to follow instructions for using Set The Value of Columns in the Row in conjunction with Execute An Action on a Set of Rows, but I can’t figure out how to make the one talk to the other and pass that value.

The other requirement is that this value is written to the actual table underneath, not just a virtual column just FYI.

I think you are on the right track. Please take a look at the below sample app. The sample app updates child records based on reference actions. You could reverse the flow- update parent based on child record additions/changes using the reference actions.


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