Update multiple google sheets on save


I have the following table. Orders (Main table), Picking, Rework, Packing.
All tables have the key “Order”. Operators enter their submissions in the Picking table and then enter a status e,g Pick Complete. Operators then enter their submissions in the Rework table and enter a status e,g Rework In progress and so fourth for packing. When the user saves the input how can this find the key in the Orders table and update the status for the order. (Using google sheets as my data source)


The way I would handle this is by an Action which you attach to the “Form Saved” Behavior on the Rework form.

This Action will be of type “execute an action on a set of rows” (see image below)for the Rework table.

The “Referenced Table” will be the Orders table
The “Referenced Rows” is set to an expression to select the proper Order row.
The “Referenced Action” is a second Action that will set the Order row Status Column.

I’ll assume you know how to create the second Action to update a column value. In that action you can simply set the value to “Rework in Progress”

For your other tables, you would just repeat this. You would end up with 6 Actions altogether - just a point of reference that you are on the right track.

I hope this helps get you started.