Update Multiple Row Data


My question is how to auto update the Row2 and Row6 data at “Average” column data to 3 when after i add new row data?

Bellow is the preferable data in table.

Could you explain why it is that only row 3 average changes?
Just to get a better idea of a formula.

Could you explain how it works?

The simplest way would be to do the following:

  • Remove the app formula from your average column
  • Create an action to set the value of the average column
  • Create a ref update action, to gather the list of records to be updated then enact your average action
  • Use this ref update action in the Form event, so when someone saves a new record this action fires off.

Here’s some screenshots of how I set this up in an app of mine to update LineItems on an invoice:

In the “Referenced Rows” space you’ll want to do something like:

select(table[TableID], [Group] = [_thisrow].[Group])

Then for the “Referenced Action” space, you’ll enter the average action you created.

If you look under the hood of this sample app, you can get a sense of how I got about updating all children records triggered off updates to the parent.
Your case is similar - in the sense of how you’ll go about building it - so seeing the setup might help.


Hi Jonthan,…

The Average value is tight with 2 condition.
1- status must be Accept
2- must with same Group
So, the match the condition for GroupA only Row2, Row6 and Row7(new row) are same and for GroupB only Row3, and Row4 are same .

When after the condition are match the new average value will ready to update in by using this formula [Total]/[number of matching row]


Hi MultiTech,

Great explanation and great sample and video… It help to solve problem.

Thank you,…

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Glad you got it figured out :slight_smile:

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