Update notifications

Is there a way to get push notifications when an update has been made to the app (a new entry made).

I’m thinking much like facebook, email, and messages. This would help avoid missed emails, or simply forgetting that you got an email when working on something else.

Hi @Dani_Mittler! This has been placed in the Feature Requests category. Please re-post to the Questions category. And if you could withdraw this post.

We need to keep this category focused on actual Feature Requests as we try to influence AppSheet on what capabilities we developers need.

And you will get much more attention in the Questions category as that is the main activity hub in the Community.

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Oh, I couldn’t find it as a feature so i assumed it was not possible yet. Thanks.

Got it! I thought you were asking.

I do see this was moved to Questions.

Good news! There are Push Notifications within AppSheet Workflows. You can also send SMS (Text) messages as well as Emails.

Below is an example of where you can find in within a Workflow - called Notify:

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Yea, kinda weird since I didn’t move it there. Idk.

The only problem with the email and SMS is if we are actively working on the machine it is too easy to see those and then forget about them. Where as a bubble on the app icon would be more of a prompt to check the app when time permits.

Someone probably move the post for you.

Push Notifications and the “bubble” on app icons are two different ways to notify the user. I did see your Feature Request for the “bubble” and I think its a good one.

Push Notifications are the messages the present on the lock screen or if the phone is unlocked within the banner or over the app. These can be created using the Notify step in a Workflow. the message is custom and you can even include links to a focused area of the app such that when a user taps it they are taken directly to that app area.

I did. :slight_smile: