Update of Confirmation Message

Currently, there are few a shortcomings of the Confirmation Message feature.

Firstly, it seems that there is a max character limit as the box will stop growing to accommodate larger amounts of text. That character limit seems to be in the area of around 70 characters. Perhaps its depends on other factors. Not sure. Anyway, the editor should either prevent text being added if it can’t display it OR the UI for it needs to be updated to either allow the message to scroll on overflow or dynamically resize to display all text (some combination would work as well, I suppose). Granted these messages should not be extremely long, however, users should be allowed to put whole paragraphs in there if they wanted (could be useful if anyone would like to use it for EULA style confirmations [also see third paragraph]).

Secondly, we can customize to our hearts content the “Yes” option by changing the display name. That’s all fine and dandy, but we don’t get any option to customize the “No” option. This is relatively insignificant and doesn’t really matter, but I figure if I’m going to request a view update, I might as well include anything and everything.

Thirdly, it would be nice if Confirmation Messages were handled (optionally) as expressions - a la Display Names - and allow access to column values. That would allow people to create confirmations that mimic the form data or otherwise pull values to show in the confirmation. Consider an app that takes user appointments or tracks orders. You might enter your name, select a service/product, and a date and/or time. If all the updates I suggest make it in, you would now be able to have the confirmation spit back everything you entered so you can easily double check it before submitting.

And lastly, a small tangent. Please add Confirmation Messages natively to Form views as an option so people don’t have to attach a custom action to the form. This would make it much easier for the newbies.

I can work around all of this for now, and it doesn’t look like anyone else has mentioned this before, so it’s probably a bottom barrel request, but theoretically it should be a fairly easy couple of updates, and save headaches for the less technical.

I recently found myself wishing for the capability to write the kinds of expressions (third point) you described.

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Good points!

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I love this!!!

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