Update only certain columns depending on user type

quiero tener el control de dar privilegios a ciertos usuarios. que solo puedan actualizar ciertas columnas y no todo el registro, con algún tipo de condición.

espero me puedan apoyar, no sé si se pueda realizar esta acción

Thank you very much with this post, I was able to solve all my doubts … :slight_smile:

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I have a question, I want two conditions to be met, if the installer column is equal to the selected name, let me edit the column and the other condition would be if it has already passed more than 24 hours that it does not allow me to edit.

I hope you can help me, look I have this code, I use the “end date” as a variable. This data the user selects

IFS((NOW() < ([Fecha finalizacion] + “024:00:00”)),
IN(USEREMAIL(), LIST( “edgar.cis@htvtel.com”)),
[Instalador] = “Gerardo Antonio”, IN(USEREMAIL(), LIST(“telecomhtv@gmail.com”))