UPDATE: PDF generation working now (WAS: PDF generation service is down)

UPDATE: we have implemented a workaround that ensures the PDF generation works as expected. We are working around some DNS (name server) issues that the external service ran into. Any further changes there should be invisible to all AppSheet customers going forward.

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FYI … the external service that we use for PDF generation is currently down and has been down for at least the last hour. We are trying to contact them and find out when the service may be restored. This affects PDFs that are generated for workflow rules. Any workflow emails with PDF attachments will not work until this service is working again. We will post here when we have any update.


I hope it would be soon !

PDF generation is very necessary!

Update: we have heard back from the folks who operate the service. They are investigating the root cause. So that is progress and we’ll report when we know more.


We found a workaround a few moments ago.
Our tests indicate that it is working correctly now.


I am back up and running as well.

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Many Thx…